Cake Pops

$2.00 Each   $22.00 Dozen

We understand that large amounts of goodies can be detrimental to one’s teeth and waistlines (or so we’re told).  So why not go for a little portion control?  Cake pops are a wonderful way to have your cake and waistline too!  They’re also perfect for parties, as there’s less chance of waste or spills, especially in littler hands.  They can be decorated in your wedding colors, favorite team colors and more.

We can also make these with any flavor combinations of cake and frosting.  We can also add nuts and sprinkles to the inside.  The outsides are covered in chocolate or flavored candy melts and then decorated.  We can be creative with how these are decorated as well.  Please feel free to email us a picture of what you would like and we’ll let you know if we can do it.  All these cake pops are ones that we have made in our shop.  Email us a picture if you’d like something made especially for you.