We offer Home made Pies any time you would like.  Just give us a call a day or two ahead and we would be happy to bake one for you.  We will make any flavor you’d like.  If it is something special we may need a little extra time to get the ingredients.  If you have a special recipe we can bring it to life for you.  If I don’t have a recipe from my grandmother or my classic cookbooks, I typically look online and review the ingredients and recipe along with the reviews and choose one from there.

Here are some of the pie flavors that we have made.  Remember if you don’t see it here, we can likely still make it for you.  We have 3 price categories for our pies, based on the cost of the ingredients/time to prepare.

$12 pies                                                         $13.50 Pies                                     $15 Pies     
Strawberry Rhubarb                                 Apple                                                      Pecan
Strawberry                                                  Chocolate Silk                                       Mince Meat
Blueberry                                                    Sour Cream Raisin
Raspberry                                                   Banana Cream
Pumpkin                                                     Lemon Meringue

Would you like a special decoration on your pie?  Please let us know and we would be happy to do something like our GOODIE’s Turkey that we put on our pumpkin pies at Thanksgiving.