Our Story…

Hi I’m Kelly Poppe-Gale, the owner of Goodies.  I grew up in Chippewa Falls and graduated from Chi-Hi (a few years ago, ha ha).  When I was a little girl, my family used to travel along Hwy X when we went to visit my grandparents on a farm in Cadott.  At that time, Johnny’s My-T-Fine Donuts was in the same building as Goodies is now.  It was a favorite stop along the way, and I have great memories of the huge cinnamon rolls and warm donuts. Eventually I grew up and moved away, taking those memories   with me.

The building that held Johnny’s remained. Eventually Johnny’s closed, and it became a daycare center filled with children and laughter.

My childhood memories of Chippewa Falls, the call of living in a small Midwest town and my desire to be close to my family, ultimately brought me back home. When the property became available, it was the vivid memories and lingering smells of Johnny’s special treats that played a role in my decision to open Goodies Sweet Treats & More in the very place that created those warm special memories.

The renovation took some time, as I wanted to maintain the small Midwest town flavor of the building that had brought smiles and closeness to so many people over the years.  I also wanted to assure the highest quality product being produced, so more modern kitchen facilities were designed.  I kept the kitchen area open so that customers can watch as we bake, frost and glaze our daily-made treats and place them in the display case.  The café was designed to invite you to linger with your family and friends over a cappuccino, latte, chai tea, or good ole cup of joe.  Play a game of cribbage and spend time talking about anything or nothing.  Have your birthday, bachelorette or other party here too.  In the summer, the picnic tables with umbrellas and rocking chairs outside let you enjoy the lake view.  The grass on the east side of the building is perfect for grabbing some box lunches and brownies, and having a picnic. Or take in one of the special events we have such as craft fairs, art shows, musical performances, pie eating contests, programs for teens and more.

The recipes I use to create our baked goods and other treats are actual recipes my Granny and Pappy used to use to make homemade pickles and many of the ooey-gooey treats we serve.  Now I’m a grandma and it’s time for me pass on the recipes and to spread the love.

So come to Goodies Sweet Treats and More, and let Granny’s goodness fill your senses again.

Kelly Poppe-Gale